How to order or send query

The easiest way is to send us your query /order on Whatsapp.

We have given WhatsApp buttons on each product page . Product details will share with us. You can send your name, address with Pincode and active mobile no.


Order via the website :

1) In case of products seen on our social media pages, visit our website .
For multiple products queries /orders, just add each product to the cart. Finally, go to the cart at the top and send details to us. We will get links to all products you have selected. After checking availability we will reply on WhatsApp

2) For a single product, you can either add to the cart or just click on the Whatsapp icon near add to cart text.

3) You can send us an email at .

Once we receive your order, we will check availability and will confirm your order on WhatsApp and email.

How to enter sizes if applicable-

When ordering via WhatsApp, you can mention size in the message.

When ordering via website cart, when entering your details, at the bottom there is a field order notes. There you can mention size or any other instruction